Today my friend and I saw the film Anna at the cinema.

The film tracks Anna’s life and her journey into the life of a model and spy. There are fight scenes and romance, and twists and turns. I managed to guess some (rare for me), but nevertheless enjoyed the ending. The film was well paced, with likeable characters, and I recommend a watch. 9/10.

What do you think?

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Tees Barrage Parkrun

Today Boy 2 and I ran the Tees Barrage Parkrun at the Tees Barrage White Water Centre…

I was proud as Boy 2 ran the whole 5K, and there’s now only one parkrun left in the North East in our work parkrun challenge (between us to run all parkruns in England at least once). Boy 2 enjoyed chatting to another boy about ice lollies and seeing the water skiers and rowing boats on route. The volunteers and runners were friendly (approx 300) with lots of words of encouragement. Parking was plentiful and free, and there were toilets and showers at the end.

Here’s a link to further information.

Did you run a parkrun today?

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