Hello, and a very warm welcome to this blog sharing our family adventures.  I’ve created this to capture and treasure our memories, and share and learn from other like minded families along the way….

Meet the family
Dad – is an IT genius, who likes long walks (especially if there’s a hill involved), watching wrestling, and weightlifting.
Mam – is into all things wellbeing.  She enjoys spending time with family and friends, singing, going to the cinema and holidays.
Boy 1 – is daring and adventurous, and has been a great climber since birth.    He has an eye condition called nystagmus which means his eyes continually move from side to side (faster when tired, ill, anxious or excited) but he doesn’t let this hold him back.
Boy 2 – is caring and kind, and a great cuddler.  He enjoys swimming and eating.
Boy 3 – is full of fun and laughter, and is a keen model maker.  He likes to think of himself as king of the family.  Dad disagrees!

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