Tonight, our son could have died

Tonight, Boy 1 jumped from his first floor bedroom window ….

….because he wants to be able to go out to play like his friends can (unfortunately due to social and communication difficulties he is unable to do so). He could have died.

To all the people and the diabolical underfunded system that has so far:

  • said the most likely cause for our son running away (from home, school and Grandparents) is due to sexual abuse of an ongoing nature (a CYPS psychologist without meeting any of our family)
  • forced us to a child protection conference ticking a box that we’re neglecting our children as the only way to access support
  • put our boys on a child on need plan with invasive monthly meetings without delivering anything that they’d asked us would help e.g. support for our son, assess our son for ASD/other underlying causes, an EHCP, and some respite. Instead, they investigated our family for trauma that we could have caused until six months later when, due to the lack of support I became unwell mentally and physically.
  • let us apply for an Education Health and Care needs assessment to access additional support for our son at school ourselves (usually should be done via school but ours was told by the Local Authority that our son would not get one as he’s not fallen behind with school work). Then despite meeting the criteria in full, the Local Authority refused it and we had to go to mediation, and then put in for tribunal. Even after the Local Authority agreed to create the EHCP they did not carry out a full set of assessments to understand our sons needs.
  • taken over 2.5 years to carry out an autism assessment for our son since referral.
  • taken 10 weeks to respond when we asked for a parent carer needs assessment only to be initially told there is no template and you don’t meet any criteria e.g our son is not disabled enough because he’s not autistic with a learning disability.


To each of you who has listened and not heard….. Or heard and passed us on….. Or heard and said sorry you don’t meet enough tickboxes… Or heard and promised paperwork to evidence our requests for help but not delivered….. Or discharged us or de-prioritised us because you don’t want to oppose the Local Authority… Or not challenged the system even when you know it’s wrong because it’s always been this way.


It is no surprise to us that our Local Authority failed their recent SEND Ofsted inspection – us included.

Boy 1 and Dad have spent the night in hospital. Thankfully he has no broken bones.

We are also thankful Boy 1 is accessing the Respect Young People Programme.

This has overshadowed our life for the past 2 years. Not quite the adventures we envisaged when I first started the blog.

To others on this same journey (I learned from a recent specialist school visit there are four times as many autistic children than there are school places in our area) I am thinking of you and wish you luck.

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