Freedom Day, and summer 2021 is here…

Freedom day, Monday 19th July, which marked the Government lifting Covid-19 restrictions, co-incided with the first day of the boys summer holiday. This year they have seven weeks off.

The first day was spent colouring hairs. Last year Boy 1 went blue, and this year his brothers wanted to join in too. They are very happy with their new looks. It will certainly help keep tabs on them when we’re out and about! Boy 3 made me smile when he said “Mam, why is everyone looking at me?” 🙂

Despite no longer having to wear masks if we don’t want to, coronavirus has been rife where we are, with approximately half the classes at the boys school having to self isolate within the last couple of months. Dad, Boy 2, Boy 3 and I have all had to self isolate at different times. Luckily, despite regular home testing, we’ve all been clear, with no symptoms this time round. Dad and I are both double jabbed.

Our neighbours who’ve been double jabbed have recently tested positive. Their symptoms were very mild. However, my friend told me a couple we went to Uni with’s 19 year old son from South Shields, recently died from the virus which is so incredibly sad. It’s no time to be complacent.

When planning what to do during the holiday, Covid 19 has not been our only consideration. Boy 1 has been being tested for autism – a lengthy process – and we’re awaiting the final ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) appointment soon (it was booked for last week but we’re awaiting a re-appointment due to Covid-19). He is prone to run when his fight or flight is triggered, and as this happens regularly I’m unable to take him out with his brothers without Dad.

And Dad is working five of seven weeks (thankfully from home). So I’ve looked into options that will work for our family as a whole.

We’ve booked a few short breaks in advance – The Jonas Centre in Redmire (which I saw on a North East Family Fun (my favourite go to place for holiday tips) post, and two, two night trips to Leeds (near family including my sister and her partner who welcomed their first child in June) and Whitehaven staying in Premier Inns. We also have a housewarming BBQ at my brothers new house to look forward to.

In between, I’ve booked Boy 1 on a summer camp (1:1 with me), and Boys 2 and 3 on several of the Wear Here for Summer activities – there are 1000’s of free places open to all children living in Sunderland with free meals. This is such a big help for our family, and I’m sure many others. We’re also signed up to activities with Grace House North East, Calmer Therapy, Useful Vision, and North East Sight Matters who are fantastic local charities supporting disabled children.

I hope your summer is going well so far. What have you been up to? What do you have planned?

#Summer2021 #FreedomDay #DiedHair #HolidayPlans

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