A surprise package revealed

And the package was …

A star Christmas tree decoration from my managers at work. They had sent one to everyone in the team, and we all opened them together at our virtual Christmas team get together.

Such a simple gesture yet so meaningful. I’ll always remember this kindness and how excited it made me feel.

The whole day was special. It was good to spend time having fun after an incredibly challenging year.

We had a guess the Christmas cracker quiz where we’d each had to provide answers to the following in advance:
– what you’d like for Christmas
– favourite Christmas film
– favourite Christmas food

We played a Christmas catch phrase game and a guess the baby competition.

Then we sang Christmas songs whilst one of our team played guitar and his great granddads violin.

I gave a talk on my sourdough experiences – this is my ninth week of experimenting with a loaf and various discard recipes. I also talked about kefir, a yogurt style drink which I learned about on my meditation weekend last year, and have recently started making.

We then had a virtual lunch together and wished one of our team Happy Birthday.

I had another surprise recently too when I spotted page hits on this blog have exceeded 10,000 (2000+ unique viewers). I’d not imagined when setting out just under two years ago that this would be possible. Thank you for reading and sharing my posts 🙂

What’s the most exciting package you’ve ever received in the post? How are you celebrating Christmas with colleagues and friends in the absence of Christmas party nights out?

#SurprisePackageRevealed #Kindness #VirtualChristmasParties

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