Black Friday at the Metro Centre

By chance we ended up at the Metro Centre on Friday 27th November…

We’d headed to Costco to replace four tyres (not realising it was Black Friday when we’d booked), and were going to have a look round whilst they were being fitted, but the queues were past the end of the building.

So we walked towards the Metro Centre to pass some time, fully expecting it to be the same. But it wasn’t – it was completely deserted. It was a total contrast. The Greggs near the bus/train station entrance was open, as was one of the Costa’s in the centre, but that was it for food retailers. We saw only a few shops open – Wilkos, M&S, Boots, the Disney Store, and a some jewellers. Several were cordoned off at the doorway for click and collect only.

The centre was decorated beautifully, but there was no music, and many of the lights had been dimmed. Rightly so during a national lockdown (2.0). It was like a ghost town – during what’s usually one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

What was your experience of Black Friday this year?

#BlackFriday #MetroCentre #Lockdown2.0

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