Lands End to John O Groats – 200 miles

Over a week ago, I received my 200 miles postcard, and I’m now over a quarter of the way up the country.

I set off on this virtual challenge on 28th September, and am now level with Worcester.

It’s dark the days I set out on a morning before the school run, and I regularly see the sun rise.

I’ve been giving Audible – narrated books – a go to keep me company – I’ve just finished A Single Thread by Tracy Chevali (the author of Girl With A Pearl Earing). It was set between world war I and II, and is about 38-year-old Violet Speedwell, who’s piecing together a life for herself after her fiancĂ© and her brother both died in the first war. Violet is a “surplus” woman, one of millions unable to marry due to the lack of available men. It goes into detail about cathedrals, broderers (stitching kneeler cushions), and bellringing, and has made me appreciate how lucky we are today, if only to have central heating.

Here are some pictures:

I’ve seen that Run to Run who host this challenge, have set up a new one across Route 66 in the USA. It’s 2278 miles which you can complete over a two year period. Wow!

#LandsEndToJohnOGroatsChallenge #AQuarterOfTheWay

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