Education and Health Care Plan

This week, we were very pleased to learn Boy 1 will be issued with an Education and Health Care Plan.

Following posts about Fighting for an Education in September, and EHC Needs Assessment Update in October, hearing this news has been a great early Christmas present, and a relief.

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Boy 1 will remain at his current primary school up to the end of Y6 where he is well supported. He’ll have an early review in May (end of Y5) to decide on a secondary school.  We’re hopeful this will be plenty of time to feed in results from further planned assessments (including speech and language and occupational therapy).

The Education and Health Care Plan brings the following benefits:

  • An EHCP gives your child the support they need to meet their Special Education Needs, going beyond what the school can offer and providing additional resources to improve the quality of their learning experience.
  • The EHCP states the provision that a child needs and that has to be provided regardless of LA funding issues.  Any change has to be agreed through the Annual Review process after which a right of appeal to Tribunal is given.
  • An EHCP names a school which can include a specialist independent school.  
  • The EHCP is a legally binding document that gives assurances over your child’s education and offers them a great chance for an even brighter future. It is enforceable through Judicial Review., 
  • The EHCP runs up until your child finishes education or turns 25, whichever comes first.  With the exception of universities, it covers Further Education Colleges and apprenticeships.


Do any of your children have an ECHP? Are you able to share your experiences and/or any advice? Thanks.

#EducationAndHealthCarePlan #PlanToBeIssued

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