Beirhope Alpaca Stroll

Today Boy 2 and I have taken our first ever Alpaca for a walk…

Having been inspired by Stephanie Fox’s Sunset Alpaca Trek, we drove almost two hours to Beirhope Farm (near Jedburgh) to take a four legged furry animal for a walk.

Despite intermittent rain and rainbows we met Caesar, fed him, and took him for a stroll together. The farm was quite remote, along single track roads (a huge tractor had to reverse back to enable us to pass at one point) so I was surprised to find twenty or so others there for the tour.

Caesar was well behaved throughout. He let us stroke him, and appeared to enjoy our company, as much as we did his. Boy 2 thought it was funny when the alpacas seemed to do a Mexican wave of wees and poos – all waiting patiently as they took their turn.

The farm is like an oasis of shelter up high in the cheviots – it is beautiful, and the hosts were welcoming and chatted to each of us whilst walking. We enjoyed our visit, and would recommend a visit. Beirhope Alpacas Website.

Afterwards, we headed into Jedburgh for a re-fuel, a subway, and a visit to Border Meringues who make delicious fresh cakes daily – a total treat of a day.

Have you taken an Alpaca, or any other animals for a walk recently?

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