Virtual Slumber Facial

On Thursday evening I attended my first ever virtual slumber facial party…

The party, organised by Grace House North East, and hosted by Louise Wiegand at Prism Beauty, was a real pick me up as we are heading towards the clocks going back and dark winter nights. I’d looked forward to it for days.

We started at 7.30pm, ten of us on zoom, me excitedly prepared with my bowl of warm water, cotton pads, a flannel plus the box of goodies that had arrived in the post a few days earlier (matched to our skin type).

Louise introduced herself, shared some skincare tips, and then talked about and demonstrated each of the creams and sprays before we had a go ourselves. The products were Temple Spa ones, used in the likes of high end hotels and spas.

We completed some sensory breathing exercises. We cleansed. We toned. We exfoliated. We applied a face mask. We massaged our face, neck and shoulders (which sounds wierd but did the trick). And we moisturised.

It was a totally bizarre and amazing experience (especially when Louise asked Alexa to put some relaxing tunes on after we’d applied our mask and someone else’s Alexa responded instead that they didn’t know that playlist!!!).

Louise said she runs sessions open to all each month, including a gin version with six mini bottles of gin you receive with your samples and drink between applications. I can’t see these listed on the website just yet, but I’m sure Louise would be happy to share details, or take bookings for private parties. What a great idea. 🙂

Have you attended a virtual slumber party or spa session? Or come across other unique mood enhancing events?

#VirtualSlumberFacial #Relaxing #GraceHouseNorthEast #PrismBeauty #ThankYou

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