Coronavirus Antibody Test

I was recently randomly selected to take the Government antibody blood test to check whether I’ve ever had coronavirus.

Further information about the tests is available here.

The kit arrived yesterday, and I was able to take a blood sample from my finger (via pin prick) and get the result within 15 minutes. I then completed a survey which took another 15-20 minutes.

It reminded me of a pregnancy test, except using blood. I squeezed a droplet of blood into the test stick, added a couple of drops of a watery solution, and waited 10 minutes for the result.

I tested IgM positive which means my body has built up short term antibodies/protection to coronavirus. Meaning I’ve most likely had coronavirus.

The other options were invalid test result, negative, or IgG positive, which means your body has built up long lasting coronavirus antibodies/ protection.

The guidance was very clear, that no matter what your test result, the antibody test is not reliable at an individual level, and whatever your result you must continue to follow current Government advice. There is no guarantee that a person can’t be re-infected with the virus.

Around February/March, there was a two week period when I felt short of breath, but I put it down to hypochondria and/or anxiety at the start of the pandemic. I’ve not had a cough, high temperature or loss of smell/taste.

I feel reassured by my test result. Perhaps a lot of people have had the virus with limited symptoms, and have started to build some immunity. I’m keen to know whether Dad and the boys have had it. It would be strange for them not to with us living and breathing together every day.

However, Boy 1 was selected to take part in a swab test to check if he currently had coronavirus about a month ago and tested negative. If he has had it it must have been earlier in the year, although Dad and I don’t remember any of the boys having symptoms.

For his test there were two parts. First, he had to spit into a container. Next, I had to stroke a large looking cotton bud on his tonsils a couple of times (without touching anything else in his mouth), and then stick it up each of his nostrils and do the same. It was quite a challenge, and not very nice, but it was good to feel we were helping a greater cause.

Have you had either an antibody or swab test yet? What are your experiences?

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