A trip to Darlington and Ice Skating

Today Boy 1 and I had a trip to Darlington to collect a box, and then ice skating at Billingham.

A few days ago a kind lady posted in one of the Facebook groups I’m a member of about boxes of fun she and her son Jack have made for children with special needs.

I got in touch to see if we could have one, and agreed a pickup from Darlington this morning. The lady explained Jack is doing well, and is looking forward to starting college this week. She said he struggled at primary and secondary school, but they want to give families hope that with the right support your children can thrive, and also let them know that they are never alone.

This brief encounter meant a lot to me, and Boy 1 was equally pleased with the contents.

I asked for something good to do locally, and she recommended South Park, so we headed there for a walk and a play.

We parked free on the roadside (Postcode: DL1 5ET), and headed straight to the café for an ice cream. Boy 1 chose cookies and cream, and I chose cherry, both in a waffle cone. Yum. We walked along the river, round the lake, and past the skate park to the play park. There was also an aviary with birds in.

After that I asked Boy 1 what he’d like to do next. I thought he may be keen to go home for tablet time, but randomly he said he’d like to go ice skating as he was hot! I rang Billingham Forum Ice Rink (Postcode: TS23 2LJ, free parking), and they had spaces in the next slot at 14.30. It was great fun.

Have you had an Inset day today? What have you been up to?

#CollectingABox #Darlington #SouthPark #BillinghamForumIceRink #IceSkating

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