August Bank Holiday

As summer comes to an end, we had a much needed garden tidy, followed by a BBQ and chiminea.

Sadly, we’d neglected the back garden to the point there were weeds growing through the patio up to my shins, and mushrooms growing in the grass. That’s rectified for now. And we had a BBQ and chiminea to celebrate our efforts. As dusk, we toasted smores for pud, and watched the local bats take flight.

At the start of Covid-19 we were in the garden every day, and I remember pacing round and round trying to get my step count in within home school breaks. It made me reflect on how things have changed, and wonder how things will go when they boys start back at school in a couple of days. Dad and I are fairly relaxed about the return, as we’re fortunate to be working from home with supportive employers.

We’ve had a lazy couple of days. Other than a local scooter/bike ride each day, and a last minute shoe shop for Boy 3, we’ve hung out at home. Dad and I have watched the Hangover parts 1, 2, and 3, whilst the boys have caught up on tablet time. Dad and I have also booked flu jabs once they become available.

I hope you had a good Bank Holiday weekend. What have you been up to?

#AugustBankHoliday #BBQ #Chiminea

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