Sherwood Forest – The Major Oak

Today we visited the Major Oak at Sherwood Forest.

The Major Oak is a large English oak (Quercus robur) near the village of Edwinstowe in the midst of Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire. According to local folklore, it was Robin Hood’s shelter where he and his merry men slept.

The world famous tree weighs an estimated 23 tonnes, has a girth of 10 metres (33ft) and a spread of 28 metres (92ft) making it the biggest oak tree in Britain. It’s about 800–1000 years old.

We parked in the visitor centre (Postcode: NG21 9RN, £4 charge all day), and the tree was approximately a 15 minute walk. There were several well marked walking routes.

Here’s a Relive video of the red Wildwood walk (4 miles)

We enjoyed the walk, although the experience was different to what I was expecting. When we pulled up to the car park it backed up to people’s gardens, and there was a fun fair on site. Then there was a school and a cricket club right by the visitor centre. I’d expected thick forest all around.

It was interesting to see the old oaks and acorns in their cases on the ground. The boys enjoyed playing in the playpark. Sherwood Forest YHA was on site. I’m glad we visited.

Have you visited Sherwood Forest? Or any other forests recently?

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