Summary of our PGL Adventure Holiday

For the last week, we’ve been on a PGL family adventure holiday at Caythorpe Court, near Grantham in Lincolnshire.

This summer I’ve shared regular updates of what we’ve been up to during the school holidays – you can see a summary at our 2020: 42 Activities of Summer page.

We opted for the seven day introductory family holiday (three and four day trips are also available), which consisted of two activities each morning, free time in the afternoon, and an evening activity.

Our accommodation was a room with three bunk beds (the boys were pleased as they each got a top bunk) with en-suite toilet and shower rooms. Just down the hall was a Leaders Lounge with tea, coffee, and the prized wifi.

On our free afternoons I thought we’d be out exploring the local area – Lincoln, Grantham, and the nearby Nottingham forest, but the reality was all we really wanted to do was relax. On the second day I slept the whole afternoon. Luckily the bubble of people we were sharing with were on full days of activities, so we had the lounge to ourselves.

All meals were included in our holiday, and it was bliss not having to cook. I enjoyed rocking up at our allocated time, washing our hands, alcohol gelling, and then having a choice of what to eat. We sat at the same table each mealtime.

For activities, we were issued harnesses at the start of the week, and waited at spot 19 in the activity field for our instructors to collect us. We had several different people across the week with their own personalities, all with a positive attitude and lots of tricks up their sleeves to keep children entertained.

Because of coronavirus, many PGL staff are on furlow, and the 30 or so who are working are having to work flexibly e.g. issuing toast at breakfast, cleaning and re-stocking communal areas, working in the bar, and taking activities.

Usually at peak summer time, there would be over 1,200 people (over five times more than there are this week), including children holidaying by themselves, and foreign language groups from Italy. I’m pleased with the small numbers, and we were fortunate we were the only family in our activity bubble – this meant we got 1:1 instructor time, had less waiting time, and lots of goes.

New Family Firsts

We’ve experienced a number of firsts on this holiday including learning how to play pool. Our first game Boy 1 v Boy 3 took over three hours! I’ve shared more about the activities we’ve taken part in here:

2020: Activity 31 – Survival Skills

2020: Activity 32 – High Ropes

2020: Activity 33 – King Swing

2020: Activity 34 – Archery

2020: Activity 35 – Belton House

2020: Activity 36 – Buggy Build

2020: Activity 37 – Trapeze

2020: Activity 38 – Raft Building

2020: Activity 39 – Sensory Trail

2020: Activity 40 – Jacob’s Ladder

2020: Activity 41 – Problem Solving

2020: Activity 42 – Zip Wire

Evening Activities

We’ve also taken part in each of the evening activities which were great fun.

Evening 1 – Photo Challenge. We were given actions such as “appear small, appear strong, upside down”, and had to take a photo of each. The instructor awarded either 10, 20 or 30 points depending on how much effort you put in/originality.

Evening 2 – Splash. We had to create a cardboard structure to protect a water balloon from breaking. Our instructor then dropped each from a tall tower, and if the balloon survived, we got to throw it at her. Ours survived, and Boy 2’s throw was a perfect full frontal splash.

Evening 3 – Cluedo. We had to find dressed up characters across the site and complete challenges to be able to cross off suspsects, locations, and weapons.

Evening 4 – Family Fortunes. Sitting at a picnic bench, we had to guess the top six answers for different categories such as “things with wheels, chocolate bars, and romantic European cities”.

Evening 5 – Bingo. We played three games. Dad got the first line in the first game and won a mini frisbee. I won full house in the second game and won a PGL water bottle and basket ball. I was very happy.

Evening 6 – Flags of the World Challenge. We found flags around the site and answered three questions about each country.


A highlight of our holiday was meeting friends who’d come for a three day break. We got to spend an evening and the following afternoon together before they left. It was great to catch up, and attempt to play football together (with boys running off in all directions). Also:

Mam – Seeing the boys try the activities. I loved the evening events, especially winning the bingo.

Dad – Spending time with the family.

Boy 1 – Zip Wire. It was really fun, and I got to have nine goes.

Boy 2 – Trapeze. I liked that I got all the way to the top.

Boy 3 – Raft building. I liked building it and going on it, and then jumping in the water.

Throughout the holiday all staff have worn masks so we have not had to. Coming from wearing masks everywhere to only needing wear them in the shop here felt strange at first, and then liberating.

Some feedback we’ll be sharing with PGL

Thanks for a great holiday. The staff have been fantastic, and the care and attention to keeping us safe during coronavirus unlock has been well thought out and adhered to.

For future, we’d prefer if the wifi was stronger and available in rooms (the paperwork encourages you don’t share the code with children – which would be ok for three or four days, but we enjoy some online time to relax after a busy day.

The room space was small, with low bunk beds. Dad and I both bashed our heads a few times. We were in a new building which was nice, but preferred to use the sink in the shower room as the one in the toilet was tiny.

Some of the food was luke-warm rather than hot. Saying that there was a good range of options, and the staff were lovely, each time asking if we were happy with what they’d served. There were limited big cups for cuppas, but the option to order drinks from the bar at your evening meal was a nice touch.

Words/phrases of the holiday.

  • Totally legit – extremely right/good.
  • Parkcour – the activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing.
  • Jabroni – a foolish or contemptible person
  • Flying chicken – something Boy 3 keeps saying ever since the Cluedo game with the dress up chicken.

Have you been to a PGL holiday, or can you recommend any other good adventure holidays? Some people here said they recommend Family Adventure Holidays – they’ve been to France for the past two years running.

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