2020: Activity 34 – Archery

Today we’ve had an archery lesson.

This summer I’ve shared regular updates of what we’ve been up to during the school holidays – you can see a summary at our 2020: 42 Activities of Summer page.

After learning the basics we had a couple of competitions. The first was to play for our lunch cutlery. We had three arrows each. We could win the following: Yellow – spoon; Red – fork; Blue – knife; Black – hands; White – coffee stirrers, Off the board – eat like a pig. These were the results:

Dad – spoon and two forks

Mam – spoon and fork

Boy 1 – fork and hands

Boy 2 – two coffee stirrers

Boy 3 – one coffee stirrer

We were then given the option – Double or Quits. Did we want to gamble to be able to win eating with any cutlery we wanted, or if we lost we’d have to eat like pigs. Dad, and all the boys opted to gamble. I was happy with my spoon and fork.

The gamble was : could our teacher hit three yellows in a row. Luckily for the boys, he missed yellow on the first shot so they were in the clear. He seemed a bit disappointed with this (I think usually he may hit two yellows, then accidently miss to make people feel good).

Next up we had a tournament to see who could get the most points. Mam would completely have beat Dad if her arrow hadn’t bounced off the yellow target onto the floor. Never mind!

Have you had a go at archery? The last place we played was at Holmeside Park which we really enjoyed. They also have indoor inflatables, a soft play, and a roller rink there too.

#Archery #Holmeside park

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