2020: Activity 23 – Gulliver’s World Warrington

Today Boys 2, 3 and I visited Gulliver’s World, Warrington.

This summer I’ve shared regular updates of what we’ve been up to during the school holidays – you can see a summary at our 2020: 42 Activities of Summer page.

The weather forecast up to yesterday suggested thunder storms all day, so we were prepared for heavy rain.  Yet we had bright sunshine with temperatures reaching 29 degrees.  At lunchtime we visited the car not for food, but to swap ponchos for sun cream.  Ah, the British weather!

Here are some pictures:


Last year I purchased a Wowcher ticket for family entry to Gulliver’s World for £39 for this year.  I’m glad we visited.  There are parts of the park that are outdated and in need of refurbishment, and not all rides were open.  However, I got more of a sense of a family run business, with good customer service, and I liked the colour and theming – especially the dinosaurs.  The park is aimed at families from age 2 to 13 years.

One of the disadvantages is that for many of the bigger rides you had to be 140 cm to ride alone.  The boys are hovering between 125cm and 130cm which meant I had to ride with them.  Although I used to be the first to line up for dare devil rides, now just the thought of the waltzers and teacups (especially teacups) make my tummy churn.

The rides I liked best included Flight of the Pteranadon where you lie forwards and fly through the air (similar to Hero at Flamingo land but far more secure/less scary), the ride on boats, and Tugo Tower (an inflatable boat you sit on down a waterslide).  I thought the Hatchem ride where you sit in a spinning egg whilst moving along tracks in a figure of eight shape (narrowly missing other eggs) was unique.  It was also the first time I’d seen a double decker Horses Carousel but unfortunately the top level was closed.

Boy 2 liked the log flume, Tugo Tower, and the other water rides.  He chose to sit in the wettest seat each time, and didn’t bat an eyelid when his back and shorts were soaked through.  He liked having pizza for lunch, and blue candyfloss and marshmallow bubblegum ice cream.

Boy 3 liked Tugo tower too, which he calls the very suspicious ride (he doesn’t know why), and the many play parks dotted about.  There wasn’t anything either the of the boys didn’t like.  Win win.

Have you been to any of the Gulliver’s World Theme Parks?  I’d love to hear what you think.

#GulliversWorldWarrington  #ThemePark

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