2020: Activity 21 – Warrington Parks 2

Today Boys 2, 3 and I have visited two more parks in Warrington – Walton Hall and Gardens, and Sankey Valley Park.

This summer I’ve shared regular updates of what we’ve been up to during the school holidays – you can see a summary at our 2020: 42 Activities of Summer page.

Here’s a Relive video from Walton Hall and Gardens


And some photos from today


Walton Hall and Gardens (South West Warrington, Postcode: WA4 6SN, £4/£3 all day weekends/weekdays) was jam packed.  It was nice inside, with a large play park near the car park, a zoo, putting, mini golf, a Thomas the Tank Engine bus train, a few fairground rides and two ice cream vans back to back.

We walked round, then I sunbathed whilst the boys played in the shade of the trees.  We kept away from the park and zoo as it was rammed (even the boys thought it was too busy), but there was a nice family friendly atmosphere.

We then drove to Sankey Valley Park (North West Warrington, Postcode WA5 OAW, free parking).  The main park occupies over 1.5 miles and runs alongside Sankey Brook and the disused Sankey canal.  It’s very green, with nature abundant – including a heron, a Eurasian coot sat in it’s nest, and several signets.

It includes a few play features and one of the best mazes we’ve visited.  There was a gate into the maze that looked locked but there were no signs to say it was closed so we let ourselves in.  Inside it’s in need of a trim, but this added to the experience.

On route back to our hotel, we were extremely happy to drive past an Eddie Stobart hub – with over ten lorries.   Each Eddie Stobart lorry has a ladies name written on the cab, and we always look out for these on our travels.  On route to Warrington we saw Bethany Claire and Belinda Hope.

I couldn’t resist pulling into the car park to take a closer look.  Unfortunately we could only see one name – Louise Jane – due to the angling, but then another lorry – Anna Zipah – pulled in right in front of our eyes.  It’s the small things 🙂

Have you been to Walton Hall and Gardens?  Sankey Valley Park?  Do you look out for Eddie Stobart names?

#WarringtonParks  #WaltonHallAndGardens  #SankeyValleyPark  #EddieStobart


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