2020: Activity 17 – Tatton Park

Today Boys 2, 3 and I met with good friends at Tatton Park.

This summer I’ve shared regular updates of what we’ve been up to during the school holidays – you can see a summary at our 2020: 42 Activities of Summer page.

Here are some pictures:

On arrival, we were greeted by a grumpy gatekeeper who insisted we pull over to download our tickets as there were several cars behind us, and we were slowing them down.  I’d downloaded them as per the instructions, but couldn’t find the download button on my phone, so did as he suggested. My friend had a similar experience, and her phone battery decided to fall out of her phone whilst she was trying to share the barcode.

Safely in, it was special to see deer roaming free, and the outdoor cinema looked great (a line of sheep were certainly enjoying watching the test screenings).   We parked in the main car park right next to a playpark.

Not knowing the site, I’d set an ambitious timetable for the day – garden at 11am, farm at 12 noon, and mansion at 1pm.   At the garden they recommended we head straight to the farm and mansion, and said we could return to the garden any time.

There was a 20 minute queue for the farm (2m spacing), so if visiting, I suggest booking the earliest slot.  It’s a working farm, and we enjoyed seeing the animals, especially the piglets, and the pig rolling in the mud – it looked so happy.  The boys enjoyed the maze and woodland playpark.

We had a 20 minute walk to the mansion.  There was no queue outside, but inside was busy so we took the executive decision to zip past several guests listening to commentary from volunteers in each room.  With four boys in tow, getting to the exit with no broken vases was higher priority.  Boy 3 said he’d like a mansion when he grows up and I can live with him if I like 🙂

Next up, burgers and chips smothered in cheese, curry and gravy from the van by the park, and a well earned chat with my friend whilst the boys played.  Even a heavy downpour of rain could not deter us.  Nothing beats a good catch up.

After our friends left, Boys 2, 3 and I splodged round the house grounds in the rain.  The Japanese garden was beautiful, and we had a go in a second maze.  I’m pleased we got to see this – I could easily have spent all day there.

This is the first National Trust property I’ve visited where members have to pay add on fees (£7 for the car park, £4/£3 half price adult/child for the farm).  There were walks outside the garden to explore had we had more time.

There were a few fairground rides, a hoop the duck, and a train on site at extra cost.  These were a nice addition for the children, and I’m sure generate much needed extra funds, although I prefer the quiet of nature.

Have you visited Tatton Park?  How are you finding outings since coronavirus?

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p.s. very happy today to gain a 100th like on the Facebook page, and 50th unique like on this blog.  Thanks very much to new and old subscribers 🙂





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