2020: Activity 16 – Erddig

Today Boys 2, 3 and I visited Erddig (pronounced Airthig), a National Trust property in Wales.

This summer I’ve shared regular updates of what we’ve been up to during the school holidays – you can see a summary at our 2020: 42 Activities of Summer page.

Here’s a Relive video of our walk


And our photos


Some of the highlights of the day were:

  • Seeing the Cup and Saucer, a feature built in 1975 as part of William Emes’ landscape design, alongside a hydraulic ram, which together lower the water levels and can pump up to 10,000 gallons of water 90 feet each day to the house.  The engines thud was known as the heart of Erddig.
  • Boy 3 finding some orange ladybirds tucked inside a monkey puzzle tree.
  • Boy 2 finding a blue scooter in the stream.
  • Seeing many varieties of apples and other fruit ripe for the picking on trees.  When we pulled into the car park Boy 2 said “look Mam, there are pears on this tree”. There are 180 different types of apples on the estate, and we also saw plums and figs.
  • Being in Wales and seeing the dual language signs.  We chatted to a Welsh man who lived within walking distance of Erddig whilst having our picnic.  He commented on our bandanas and gloves, and said he wished Wales had enforced wearing face coverings.  I was surprised as I thought Wales was more strict than England (my Manager from Cardiff was upset she couldn’t meet up with family until a good few weeks after we were allowed in England).
  • Getting lemon and lime, and mint choc chip ice creams in waffle cones with 50% off as part of the Government’s restaurant scheme on Mondays to Wednesdays throughout August.

Wolfs Den, an exciting looking playground was open on arrival, but a tree branch had fallen loose so it had been closed until tomorrow.  A shame, but things could have been worse.  When we set off from our hotel it was pouring with rain, but thankfully we didn’t receive a drop whilst there.

For tea we tried a Brewers Fayre restaurant which re-opened for the first time today.  Whilst full, the tables were well spaced, and the staff were great.  It felt safe.  When they brought drinks they asked if they boys would like straws.  When they said yes, they brought them over with tongs, so as not to touch them.

Have you been to Erddig?  Or eaten out post coronavirus?  What are your thoughts?

#Erddig  #NationalTrust  #CupAndSaucer  #EatingOutPostCoronavirus





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