2020: Activity 12 – A day in the garden

Today we’ve enjoyed a relaxing day at home in the sun.

This summer I’ve shared regular updates of what we’ve been up to during the school holidays – you can see a summary at our 2020: 42 Activities of Summer page.

Here are a few pictures in our garden.

There’s nothing better than sitting in the sun with the smell of a BBQ.

Next week Boys 2, 3 and I have a week holiday booked so early this morning Dad and I were up at midnight booking National Trust visits (tickets for the next week are released at midnight on Friday morning) whilst we’re away.  Even though we were poised, fingers ready to press, we were placed in a queue system at first, so it felt good to get all the locations/times I’d wanted.

Today I’ve enjoyed researching more about Warrington where we’re going, and making future plans with friends and family.

Have you been to Warrington?  Have you any suggestions for things we should do whilst there?  Thanks.

#ADayInTheGarden  #PaddlingPoolFun  #BBQ  #WarringtonPlanning

2 thoughts on “2020: Activity 12 – A day in the garden

  1. Have a lovely time. I don’t think there’s any danger of us getting any national trust tickets then. I have enough trouble staying up until hedgehog o’clock and he comes just after 10pm!

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