2020: Activity 7 – Lambton Park Estate

Today we visited Lambton Park Estate near Chester-Le-Street, which has recently re-opened it’s doors to the public on Sundays having previously been a drive through Lion Safari park.

This summer I’ve shared regular updates of what we’ve been up to during the school holidays – you can see a summary at our 2020: 42 Activities of Summer page.   

Here’s the Relive video of our walk.


And our photos


Dad told me he last visited Lambton Park Estate in his Mam’s tummy over four decades ago, before some Lions escaped and the park was shut down in 1980.

No sign of any big cats today though – although it was great to see plenty of sheep, cows and calves on this working farm.  The estate has had a major redevelopment, with almost 10 miles of new pathways, and has planning permission for the construction of a community hub including retail, leisure, office, and new houses.  It’s re-opened to the public on Sundays since 5th July.  Click here for further information including how to get there.

I recommend early arrival as we had to queue to get in to the (free) car park at 2pm.  We enjoyed our walk, although please be aware it’s just a walk – there is no entry to the castle or other buildings, and there are currently no refreshments or toilets on site.

Dad was unfortunately stung twice by what we think were wasps (once on his arm, and once near his ankle), and has been suffering with his metatarsals in his left foot (second and third toes) so struggled today – but was still keen to do the Racecourse section of the walk.  We’re proud of you Dad 🙂

Have you visited Lambton Park Estate – now or whilst it was a Lion Safari Park?

#LambtonParkEstate  #LionSafariPark


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