2020: Activity 4 – Stepping Stones at Morpeth and Humford Mill

Today Boys 2, 3, and I visited two sets of stepping stones at Morpeth and Humford Mill.

This summer I’ve shared regular updates of what we’ve been up to during the school holidays – you can see a summary at our 2020: 42 Activities of Summer page.

I’m a bit of a stepping stone fan so was pleased when North East Family Fun posted about 5 sets of Steppy Stones to Jump Across this Summer.

Here are Relive videos of the two we visited today.



And some photos…

Despite the beautiful sunshine, the day was not all fun and roses.  The boys were excited to have their first go in a park, but one of their gloves was missing from my bag (I later found it under the car seat), so they agreed to hold off a while longer after an initial protest (“no one else is wearing gloves so why should we?”).

The toilets at our car park had shut at 16.30.  Pre lockdown, I don’t remember toilets shutting this early.  I need to pay more attention to this in future.

When we arrived at Humford Mill (an 18 minute drive from Morpeth), I accidently put my coat down on dog poo – my error.  I hadn’t realised until I’d got it all over my jumper, jeans, phone, keys, and Boy 2 – who promptly looked more disgusted than me.   We managed to clean up a little in the river by the stepping stones.  I sat feeling sorry for myself whilst the boys jumped from step to step for a good half an hour, and threw sticks for a playful dog who’d rocked up.  Who needs a park when you have stepping stones.  And Boy 3 only fell in once – bonus!   It felt good to get home, de-poo, disinfect, and get comfy under my blanket.  Tomorrow is a new day.

Do you like stepping stones?  Which are your favourite?

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One thought on “2020: Activity 4 – Stepping Stones at Morpeth and Humford Mill

  1. I definitely need to go do those stepping stones. Love Carlisle Park too. Toilets seem to have developed into a huge thing right now with them not being open at all or with restrictions. Sorry to hear your day was spoilt somewhat by dog poo. I really wish people would clear it up after their dogs but some owners let theirs off the lead and don’t watch them. Grrrrr.

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