A special scooter ride

Today we scootered and biked to our local skate park.  It was special today because…

…on Friday Dad had bought me my own scooter, built it, and this was my first time riding it.  I was so busy riding I forgot to take a picture!  Here’s one Dad got of two of the boys, plus a few more from today.


We had cottage pie and rhubarb crumble for tea.

This evening I spent time cleaning a conservatory roof and painting a fence whilst Dad did the bedtime routine.  Prior to moving to our current house, we were encouraged to advertise our old house as to buy or to let.  We were happy to find a couple who wished to rent for a couple of years with a view to buying.  Just recently they gave notice as they are moving to Spain.  We are lucky as they have been good tenants, and I’m really happy for their new adventure (I’d quite like to move to Spain myself).  We’ve decided to sell, so have been busy getting the house ready for market.

Why a picture of a kettle and blue tin opener?  These are two time and convenience saving objects that I benefit from, almost daily, but until recently hadn’t heard about.

The kettle is from Lidl, and has a retractable filling lid.  Instead of having to lift the lid each time I fill it, I simply place it under the tap to fill.  It’s brilliant, and I don’t think I can go back now.

The tin opener is from Mam-ma, and is specifically for ring pull lids.  Sometimes I struggle with these, especially the last part to break the lid off the tin.  This gadget works perfectly each time, and doesn’t hurt my fingers.

Thinking forward to a challenge for summer, following last year’s 42 days of summer, I’ve decided to go for 42 activities of summer – which will start from tomorrow.  Most of these are likely to be walks.  I’m also looking forward to signing up to the virtual Celebration of Sundance Film Festival: London which takes place from the 7th to the 9th of August.

What have you been up to today?  Can you recommend any gadgets you’ve been impressed with recently?  What are your plans for summer?

#ScooterRide  #CottagePie  #RhubarbCrumble  #CoolKettle  #CoolTinOpener  #42ActivitiesOfSummer #SundanceFilmFestival




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