Homeschool officially over

Today was our last day of home schooling before the Summer holiday starts on Monday. Wooooo whoooooooo…

We made it. And, in fact, two of the boys say they prefer being home to being at school. I agree with Meatloaf here, Two out of Three Ain’t Bad.  I’m going to take this success, even if this last week has consisted mainly of watching films (apparently this is what they do at school!).

It’s strange to think of all we’ve missed – the annual Easter Egg judging competition, sports days, the summer fair, and the end of term whole school picnic. And stranger to think in less than a couple of months the boys will be back in school as if they were never off.

As of today there have been 45,119 coronavirus deaths in the UK, and 585,906 globally. However, Dad told me yesterday there have been none in South Tyneside (where we are) for over a month now. So life tentatively begins again.  As of 4th July social distancing rules were relaxed to 1m (although the 2m is still recommended where possible). We can meet indoors with another household.  And pubs, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers have started to open.  From 20th July face coverings will be mandatory in shops and supermarkets with fines of up to £100.

Some of our lockdown highlights have been:

  • Taking part in a ten week skills for life family learning experience advertised by our school.  Each week a pack was delivered with worksheets and crafts, and a little gift – snap bands, a star wars toy, build your own car, kit for science experiments.  We were able to send photos each week, which they printed for a scrap book, plus they are making a book.   
  • Three family birthdays which we made special with balloons, video messages, and home made cakes.
  • Making memories with firsts again – McDonalds, KFC, Costa – just because we could (although we did wait a few weeks for the queues to go down).  Dad was very frustrated he couldn’t get to Decathlon on the Team Valley because traffic had backed up right the way to the A1 for McDonalds.  Fast food has never felt such a treat!  Likewise for our first trip to the seaside.
  • Boy 3 learning to ride his bike, and going on our first full family bike rides.
  • Lots and lots of trips to our local skatepark on scooters and bikes.  As regular parks have been closed until recently (and still are in Sunderland District), we needed an outlet for energy.  
  • Making baked potatoes in the slow cooker and marshmallows for the first time.
  • Keeping up to date with what’s what at North East Family Fun, from home-schooling ideas, to what’s re-opening when (including toilet access – very important), to Fathers Day gifts and other ideas for treating you and your family.  Much better than the news.  I’m also looking forward to reading the recently recommended Yorkshire Tots to Teens 100+ family days out in Yorshire Summer 2020

Here are some pictures:


Lockdown has not been without it’s ups and downs – that’s for sure – but we’re getting through, one day at a time, and looking forward to what the summer holidays bring.  

Last summer I shared daily posts of what we did (2019: 42 Days of Summer).  This year I’m considering options for posts – a challenge perhaps – as we largely plan to stay home, sticking to our usual walks/rides with plenty of chill out time.   Please leave a comment if you’ve any suggestions.

I’m also really looking forward to re-connecting with other bloggers and having time to read and be inspired.

How are you doing?  How has lockdown, and the start of unlock been for you?  What are your plans for the summer?

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One thought on “Homeschool officially over

  1. We’ve postponed our holiday to Vienna which was due to be next month and we will be going for a slightly shorter break there in the Spring. We’re undecided as to whether we can go away for a few days safely around the time of my birthday. Hope you managed to have some nice days out and enjoy lots of family time.

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