Bonfire Night

Tonight we celebrated an early bonfire night at Moorhouse Farm Activity Centre with the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

It was a soggy boggy night, with several bursts of heavy rain.  I was warm, cosy and content sat next to the fire (which miraculously didn’t go out), sat on our picnic blanket under a large umbrella.  Despite several offers to join me, all the boys (including Dad who’d lent his brolly to some of his Beavers team) preferred to soak in the rain.


After singing several songs including Alice the Camel, Ging Gang Goolie, and The Day I went to Sea, we took a short walk to the firework display via hot chocolate and a biscuit.

I really enjoy the intimacy of this event, and tonight with the rain it was particularly special.

#BonfireNight #Fireworks #MoorHouseAdventureCentre

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