October Half Term

What a half term week with plenty of spooks and scares along the way.

Here are some pictures sharing what we’ve been up to:


Some of the highlights have been:

– making bat mobiles, finding spiders, and eating big pieces of cake at Washington Old Hall

– wearing magician capes and making colourful steaming potions at Washington Galleries

– ice skating at Billingham with supporting penguins and then without

– carving pumpkins, holding chicks, playing mini golf, and Boy 1 and Boy 3 correctly guessing the winner of the sheep race at Hall Hill Farm.  They also enjoyed the bouncy pillows, tractor ride, playing in the park, and trying the new karts and climbing wall.

– putting Halloween decorations up and bumping into friends whilst trick or treating

– too many sweets!

– playing out in the street on bikes and scooters with friends

– tablet time

– getting our car back from the garage

– supportive friends, family and neighbours through a challenging week – thank you.

I hope you’ve had a good week.  What have you been up to?

#OctoberHalfTerm #Halloween #TrickOrTreat #WashingtonOldHall #IceSkating #HallHillFarm #Sweets #Bikes #Scooters #Tablets


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