Cayton Bay Holiday

This weekend, we’ve had a family weekend at Cayton Bay Holiday Park between Scarborough and Filey on the East Yorkshire coast.

Dad worked this October half term so it was nice to have this mini-break to look forward to.  Here are some pictures:



On Friday we had lunch at OK Diner on route (A1).  We love this place and two boys eat free.  We arrived at the caravan park at 4pm, and had a relaxed evening getting to know the site.

Saturday Boy 2 and I went for a run/walk to Scarborough – approx 7k (rather than travel 20 minutes by car to the nearest parkrun at either Filey or Dalby forest).  It was a bit boggy, but beautiful sunshine.  Dad picked us up, and we went straight for a family swim.

We then headed to Scarborough again for lunch at the Conservatory Coffee Shop (highly recommend – insanely cheap, good quality food – £25 for five of us), and a trip to Scarborough Castle (English Heritage).    It was a climb to the top, but worth it for the views.  The boys completed a spider trail and won a couple of sweets each.

Back at the caravan, we had a family film night.  It was strange having to endure adverts.  I’d forgotten all about these.

Today (Sunday), we packed up and the boys played in the site park.  We then headed to Whitby.  We parked by the abbey (free throughout winter, as was parking at Scarborough seafront) which we visited, and then headed through the town and along the pier to the lighthouse.  It was great to see lots of people dressed up, and visit Dracula’s grave.  The boys also enjoyed counting the 199 steps, and talking to a fisherman on the pier about a fish he’d just caught.

All in all a great couple of days by the sea.  We liked Cayton Bay Holiday Park (Parkdean Resort) but the pool was too shallow, so we’ll probably not return.  It would be perfect for toddlers and young children to build their confidence in water.

Have you stayed at Catyon Bay?  Which are your favourite holiday parks?

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