Snowtubing and a D’oh moment

Earlier today Boys 1 and 2 went snow tubing at Silksworth Ski Slope.

We’d been earlier in the year as Boy 3 had a snow tubing party there, and they really enjoyed it.    And the heavy rain today didn’t put them off.

After Boy 2 and I checked out Halloween costumes at the shops whilst Dad built a cabinet.

Later in the day I had an accidental mishap.  I filled up at the garage and managed to drive off without paying.  I was all the way home before I realised.  I drove straight back and paid.

I’d been added to a list.  I asked what would have happened if I’d not come back, and they said they first send a letter giving you a chance to pay.  If you don’t pay right away a large fine is added.   It’s good to hear they give the benefit of the doubt – I had visions of the Police turning up at my door.  Phew!


I hope you’ve had a good weekend.  What have you been up to?

#Snowtubing  #D’oh

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