Insight Timer & Practicing Acceptance

Have you heard of the Insight Timer App?

It’s a meditation app that has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5, from 43,000+ users, was App of the year in Time Magazine, and is available to download here.

Insight Timer

It’s brilliant.  Most features are free, and I’ve added info about what’s included below.

A good friend recommended the app, and I’ve been using it regularly for over a year.  On opening, I click the Meditation button at the bottom left of the screen, select one of the 100+ new ones that are added daily.  Some are as short as 1 minute, others last over an hour.  As soon as I click play I take a few breaths and usually fall asleep shortly after.

However, a few days back one really struck a chord – it was called Practicing Acceptance by Melody Litton.   

Melody describes how something that was bothering her for years was not bothering her anymore.  Why not?  Once she’d accepted the situation for what it was she’s released herself from suffering.  She’s no longer creating victim energy because she’s accepted the truth.

She gave rain as an example.  We can either choose to complain e.g. it always rains, it’s annoying, why can’t it be sunny? Or we can say Yup! Yes, it’s raining.  Period. The end.  Radical acceptance, and move on.

In summary, when you complain you make yourself a victim.  Instead, you can either:

1) Leave the situation  2) Change the situation  or 3) Accept the situation 

All else is madness.

This is my new mantra.  It’s actually my first ever mantra!  I’m going to have a good go at practising acceptance.

Do you have a mantra, or have you heard any good meditations or advice that’s been a lightbulb moment?

#InsightTimer  #PractisingAcceptance  #MelodyLitton


Insight Timer App Information (from Google Play Store)

Guided meditations and talks led by the world’s top meditation and mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, psychologists and teachers from Stanford, Harvard, the University of Oxford and more. Music tracks from world-renowned artists. Join millions learning to meditate on Insight Timer to help calm the mind, reduce anxiety, manage stress, sleep deeply and improve happiness.

With 100+ new free guided meditations added daily, more meditation is practised on Insight Timer than anywhere else. Great for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

* 25,000+ guided meditations
* Select by time for short meditations when on the go, helping you to build a simple daily habit
* Thousands of music tracks and ambient sounds to calm the mind, focus, sleep better and relax
* The world’s most popular meditation Timer
* Follow your favourite teachers
* Thousands of discussion groups and community features
* Stats and milestones for tracking your progress

Browse popular topics including:
* Sleep deeply
* Dealing with Anxiety and Reducing Stress
* Getting through Recovery and Addictions
* Self-love and Compassion
* Focus and Concentration
* Leadership
* Better Relationships
* Loving-Kindness
* And much more..

Join leading meditation teachers and musicians including:
* Tara Brach, Ph.D, founder of Insight Meditation Community of Washington
* Mark Williams, Emeritus Professor at Oxford University
* Jack Kornfield, Dartmouth, co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society alongside fellow Insight Timer teachers Sharon Salzberg, and Joseph Goldstein of Columbia
* Sam Harris, Stanford; author, philosopher, neuroscientist, and podcast host
* Gil Fronsdal, Ph.D. at Stanford University
* Ram Das aka Dr Richard Alpert, Doctorate at Stanford and Harvard University teacher
* Sadhguru, Indian yogi, founder of non-profit Isha Foundation
* Mooji, disciple of Papaji, and devotee of the master Ramana Maharshi
* Moby, international recording artist, DJ, record producer, singer, songwriter
* As well as Sarah Blondin, Mary Maddux, Ajahn Achalo, Melissa Ambrosini, Bodhipaksa, Jonathan Lehmann, Jennifer Piercy, Bethany Auriel-Hagan, Kate James and many more..

Practice the following meditation types:
* Secular Mindfulness
* Buddhist Mindfulness
* Zen
* Insight Meditation
* Vipassana
* Walking Meditation
* Breathing Meditation
* Kundalini Yoga
* Metta
* Advaita Vedanta
* And many more..

Join community groups for:
* Beginners
* Poetry
* Atheism
* Christianity
* Hinduism
* Transcendental Meditation
* And many more..


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