A trip to Cardiff

Today Boy 1 and I have spent a large part of the day on trains to Cardiff.It’s Boy 1’s first time to Wales (other than a brief trip to an OK Diner when Dad and I visited all seven of them on a road trip when he was a baby in return for free tea and coffee for life :-)).

He’s quite pleased he’s now visited all four countries in the United Kingdom, and has been interested to see the dual signage with Welsh.

The travel went well. We had lots of snacks, and Boy 1 enjoyed tablet time whilst I read half my book group book. Bliss.

On arrival, it was good to soak up the welsh accents, and the ecclectic mix of new and old, and short and tall buildings. And also, to clock a Cineworld close to our hotel.

But first, Boy 1 was keen to spend his money in a vending machine, and have a hot mid afternoon bath – why not?

Later, we watched Ad Astra with Brad Pitt, Liv Tyler, Donald Sutherland, and Tommy Lee Jones. If you like Brad Pitt he’s good looking in this.

The film is set in the future where space travel to the moon is a comercial venture, and there are space stations at Mars and Neptune.

Boy 1 was scared at one point where some angry gorillas had taken over a space shuttle, but thankfuly that was the last of  the jump scares (it’s a 12 PG).

I find space films samey, and slow, and if this didn’t have the famous faces I don’t think it would have kept my attention. I give it 6/10. Boy 1 gives it 10/10.

I’m keen to hear your thoughts, and also recommendations for the best space film you’ve ever seen.

After, Boy 1 wasn’t that hungry, so we opted for a light quick tea option at Yo Sushi. s You can now get 25% off with a Cineworld Unlimited card (including drinks). We shared three dishes off the conveyer belt, plus a drink each for £12.50 with discount.

It’s a fun experience sitting at the bar, watching food being prepared in front of you, and having a button to call the waiters over.

Boy 1 also helped me mix the wasabi and soy sauce – and discovered it’s a bit different to ketchup!

The one thing that surprised me was there were two taps for water and fizzy water which said £1.50. I think for the price of the dishes (which if you have the reccommended 4-5 each could sharp add up), water should be free.

Time for bed as we’ve a busy day planned tomorrow. I hope you have a good weekend. What are you up to?

#Cardiff #TrainTravel #Cineworld #YoSushi #AdAstra

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