Chesters Collection Hot Tub Minibreak

Last weekend we glamped in the Scottish Borders near Jedburgh.

We stayed in a glamping tent at Chesters Collection, which is part of the Dutch franchise Featherdown.  We had a warm welcome from the estate owner Ellie, who showed us from the stables to our tent with the help of wheelbarrows.  We walked down a forest path, past a bothy (hut with supplies including frozen hot water bottles to keep your cool box in your tent cool, charcoal, sausages and bacon and more), past a tall treehouse, and through a walled garden – with seasonal veg you can pick and use throughout your stay.

The place was magical with four tents, each with a separate playhouse/discovery tent with telescope, books, fishing nets and toys.   Also outside was a gas shower, with a bucket for a fawcett, a firepit, and the main attraction – a wood burning hot tub.

Inside there were three bedrooms, one elevated with space to play underneath, a large cold water sink, and a flushing toilet.  I loved the wooden furniture, and indoor stove, and the smell of burning logs throughout our stay.

On Friday evening, we headed to the local pub The Ancrum Cross Keys, and sampled the local beer – both pub and local brewery are owned by Ellie and her husband.  Dad and I loved sitting in the tent by candlelight once the boys were in bed.

Saturday we headed to Jedburgh where we spent the day visiting the free to enter Castle Jail and Museum, Mary Queen of Scotts visitor centre, two Woolen Mill shops, and the play park.

An absolute must when visiting Jedburgh is Border Meringues, which was recommended by Mamma.  They sell reasonably priced delicious cakes, daily specials, and options for children.  They also have a play area to keep small children entertained.

In the afternoon, on route back to our tent, we spotted Born in the Borders and decided to take a look.  The boys saw grass sledges and took them for a go whilst we had a quick peak in the gin distillery, brewery, and shop.  They also had a small roller rink, sandpit and fort for children, with outdoor seating.

Saturday evening the boys and I went fishing at the river near our tents whilst dad did a grand job getting the campfire and hot tub going.   For the first time ever they caught some which made them beam with pride.   They did each manage to soak their shoes too which was not so good!

For tea, Boy 1 and I dug up potatoes from the walled garden, and baked them whilst our hot tub heated up.  It took four hours to get to a comfortable heat.  By this time it was dark, and the boys were pleased to be up late.  It’s a family experience we’ll treasure sitting in the warm water with the cool air on our faces, listening to owls.   Getting out was not so fun – and really made us appreciate central heating and home comforts.

Sunday we had smores (toasted marshmallows between chocolate digestives) for breakfast round the campfire.  We did not want to leave.

Our glamping accommodation including bedding and towels cost £299 for two nights through a Wowcher deal, which whilst not cheap was worth every penny.   I’ve signed up to the Featherdown website to receive future offers.

Have you been glamping before?  Or visited Jedburgh recently?

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