Festival of Thrift and Little Inventors Pioneers Challenge

Today Boy 2 and I visited Recar for the Festival of Thrift, held to help raise public awareness about sustainable living, and learned more about the Little Inventors Pioneers Challenge.

On route we touristed at the Redcar parkrun at Locke Park.  We enjoyed the three flat loops, and the passionate volunteer encouraging us and others to put our all into it.

Onwards to Kirkleatham Museum and Grounds for the festival.  It was bigger than I expected, with three large zones – two with their own stage and food stalls.

We headed straight to the #LittleInventorsPioneers stall, where we’d been invited to come and make a wind turbine (plus gifted a book and free parking) in exchange for promoting the challenge they’re launching this weekend (Ad).

North East children aged 8-12 are encouraged to create inventions to help generate, save or use energy better.  Fifteen lucky winners will have their ideas turned into reality and displayed in an exhibition in Tees Valley in summer 2020.  If you can’t make the festival, you can find out more and enter online by 15th November here.  Good luck 

It was interesting seeing a stage and a merry go ground powered by bikes, and I was astounded to learn that cows emit 16% of global greenhouse gasses, which is more than all cars, trucks, planes and ships put together (as displayed on a car with a big cow sat on top).  Real food for thought.

I loved the colour of people’s hair, their colourful clothes, the smells of foods from around the world, and the music.  I got to see two different sets, whilst Boy 2 played happily in some trees, and with a kite he’d made.  The first was a young girl, and the second was The Captain who was a much a crowd entertainer as ukulele and banjo player.  He had a whole stage full of jumping children and adults at one point.  I felt free and happy lying in the grass looking at the swishing trees and floating clouds.

There were many stalls selling sustainable and green products.  There were several pay for activities which you could book in advance or on the day including a Town is the Menu community meal (which looked amazing), apple pressing, stain glass window making, lampshade making, space activities and much more.

I was pleased there were free options too including the kite workshop, wind turbines, the park, and dancing.  We also looked round the three floors of the Kirkleathum Museum – with exhibitions ranging from the war to steel making to saxon princesses.

Another highlight of the day was finding and exploring Kirkleatham Owl Centre.  There’s a reduced entry of £2 per person whilst the festival’s on, and we timed it well for a talk, and owl stroke.  We learned the colour of an owls eyes often relates to when they hunt – dark brown and black eyes = night time, orange = dawn and dusk, and yellow = during the day.   It was good to see baby owls and peacocks, and several new species.

Were you at the festival today?  If not, I highly recommend a visit tomorrow or in future (entry is free, £5 to park), and checking out the Little Inventors Pioneers Challenge by 15th November.

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