Day 41 – Oreo Cookie Cake

Summer 2019 : Day 41 – Oreo Cookie Cake

This summer I’ve posted what we’ve been up to each day of the school holidays – you can see a summary of our adventures at our 2019: 42 Days of Summer page.

Day 41 - Oreo Cookie Cake


Today we baked a cake. Boy 2 loves Oreo cookies, and this was one of the things he said he’d like to do this summer holidays. It was delicious 

Today was a big milestone as it was the first time one of our boys has gone out to play by himself. A friend from down the street knocked for Boy 3, and he spent an hour or so playing in our street. Special.

With school fast approaching the back to school tasks have started to work their way into my head. Part of me is looking forward to the return to routine, but I wish we had more time.

Have you made any cakes recently?  Are you ready for back to school?


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