Day 39 – Beamish

Summer 2019: Day 39 – Beamish

This summer I’ve posted what we’ve been up to each day of the school holidays – you can see a summary of our adventures at our 2019: 42 Days of Summer page.

Day 39 - Grumpy boys at Beamish Mine

Today the boys and I visited Beamish, an open air museum telling the story of life in the North East since the 1820’s.

We had a grumpy start to the day as we headed down the coal mine, but thankfully once the boys found some tree dens behind a cannon in the park (by the town), all was well.

It was a day of new experiences including holding a ferret, sitting in a bunker, podding broad beans, planting black peas, and having a go at a coconut shy. But what they enjoyed most was climbing trees, playing in a big digger and rolling down hills.

I enjoyed a tent near the farm with war era singing and dancing. I could have stayed in there all day. I also enjoyed the smell of coal and chimneys which always reminds me of my Nanna.

Have you been to Beamish? What are your favourite things to do there?

#Beamish #BeamishMuseum

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