Day 7 – #Lookfest

Summer 2019: Day 7 – #Lookfest

This summer I’ve posted what we’ve been up to each day of the school holidays – you can see a summary of our adventures at our 2019: 42 Days of Summer page.

Day 7 - fun rolling in the grass #Loofest

Another good sleep last night, and straight back into an action packed line up…

First up face painting on the face and both arms (again), and then circus skills whilst I stretched out in yoga. Then to the forest to make drum sticks with potato peelers, before a feta salad lunch.

This afternoon, we returned to the sandpit and mud kitchen, then a musical workshop whilst parents chatted about our experiences with vision impairments. It was interesting to hear from parents including those with a vision impairment themselves, and it was an emotional hour.

Next up was getting wet fun with a water slide and padding pools. The boys loved it, especially when the mentor/volunteers started diving down fully clothed.

Tea was fish and chips followed by a ceilidh. Unfortunately, I only got one dance before Boy 1 disappeared into a field of corn. He’d been playing with new friends including his “now girlfriend – Amelia” and “Tarzan bare chested, barefooted friend – Jeans” most of the day, and it had all got a bit too much. On returning to the tent at 9pm he was asleep within minutes.

He and Boys 2 and 3 have massively enjoyed the freedom and opportunity to play with friends, including visiting each other’s tents. It’s been such a good day. Thank you Look.

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