Day 6 – #Lookfest

Summer 2019: Day 6 – #Lookfest

This summer I’ve posted what we’ve been up to each day of the school holidays – you can see a summary of our adventures at our 2019: 42 Days of Summer page.

Day 6 - early morning glamping #Lookfest

Our first night camping went well and we had to drag Boy 3 out of bed at 9.45 am as the rest of us were breakfasted and ready to go.

First stop was den building with new friends Maison and Amelia from London. I found my first ever King Alfred Cake on a log which is a black fungus you can use as a firelighter.

Lunch was provided and was a rainbow of healthy colour including a delicious mozzarella salad. Afterwards, was story telling in the dome tent. I got into trouble because an ice cream van had turned up and I promised the boys one if they listened to a story. It was gone by the time we were finished which did not go down well!

Nothing a go in the sandpit couldn’t fix though. Boy 1 went straight for full burial, and sand angles, whilst the others were content playing sandcastles and find the treasure balls.

Tea was hog roast. I asked Boy 2 to check the price and he came back with two sausage sandwiches free of charge – brill 

Evening entertainment was an open mic night including comedy, and singing and musical talent. Boys 1 & 2 played outside with new friends until 10pm whilst Boy 3 challenged me to a never ending dominoes game that he always won.

The festival is a safe space, with many mentor volunteers helping out at activities. I feel privileged to be here, and Boy 1 has met several people his age who have nystagmus like him. There are some who have been fully blind since birth, including a man from America, who is very inspiring. He’s been marching with his cane, and clacker listening for echos, chatting to everyone. He approached our tent with obstacles such as guy ropes, chairs, picnic rugs etc, and navigated round them with ease, saying he loves the element of danger and excitement.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow.

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