Day 3 – Spurn Lighthouse at Spurn Point

Summer 2019: Day 3 – Walk to Spurn Lighthouse at Spurn Point 

This summer I’ve posted what we’ve been up to each day of the school holidays – you can see a summary of our adventures at our 2019: 42 Days of Summer page.

Day 3 - Spurn Lighthouse.jpg

Today we drove 45 mins from Hull to Spurn Point visitor centre at the coast to visit the tallest lighthouse in Northern England. The lighthouse was a 2.8 mile walk each way, which was tough in the heat (28 degrees), and when we first arrived there was a sign saying “Lighthouse closed”.

There were no cars nearby or signs of life but the boys shouted through the letterbox, “is there anyone there?”, and as if by a miracle, a worker from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust appeared. Not only were we able to climb to the top, we also purchased ice cold drinks and snacks 

On the way back the boys tried to thumb a lift from a passing safari truck giving tours about nature, but it was going the wrong direction so they changed into their sandals and paddled back in the sea instead.

Along the route we saw lots of brown tail moth caterpillars (from the many warning signs), snails, and heard lots of nesting birds. In true boy style (and fortunately when no one was looking), the boys had a go spitting on the spit, and christening the lighthouse with a bum dance they just made up.

Later in the day, after saying goodbye to Granny we cleaned up and walked to Tesco Extra for a picnic tea, and lunch for tomorrow. On route I was pleased we found England’s smallest window in a street called “The Land of Ginger”. How cool. We also spotted a few more fish from the fish trail including a shark and a cod.

We’ve been impressed with our stay at Premier Inn. The staff have been welcoming, and the kids have received three packs of haribos and an ice pop from different people. I highly recommend the strawberry and prosecco trifle in the Thyme restaurant.

Boys top two things about Hull are:
Boy 1 – getting sweets and having Granny here
Boy 2 – I loved it and going to the lighthouse
Boy 3 – the hotel and the water fountains

I’d like to return to visit the eight museum’s in the city centre – all free. There’s also an ice rink and lots more to explore. I’ve been very impressed. Have you been to Hull? What are your top recommendations?

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