Day 29 – Brunch at Hornsea and John Bull’s Rock Factory

Summer 2019: Day 29 – Brunch at Hornsea and John Bull’s Rock Factory

This summer I’ve posted what we’ve been up to each day of the school holidays – you can see a summary of our adventures at our 2019: 42 Days of Summer page.

Day 29 - Lucys Cafe at Hornsea

We had a final play/wrestle/baby cuddle with friends at Beverley YHA before going our separate ways.

We returned home via the East coast, with a first stop at Hornsea, which prides itself as the Lakeland near the sea.

We parked in the town centre and walked to the sea front. There was a small paddling pool/splash area outside one of the cafes, and we passed two girls in swimming costumes who said they were off for a swim in the sea.

On route back to the car, the boys found a large play park and exercise equipment. Next visit we’d like to check out the large lake and a museum we saw signposted.

When reaching Bridlington Dad asked us if we wanted to go to the John Bull rock factory to which we all replied yes please (once the boys understood this meant sweeties rather than stones!). It was a great surprise.

Entrance was £4 for adults and £3 for children, plus £1.50 each per child for optional rock making (with your initial inside) and chocolate lolly making. We did both. The rock making was the best as the boys were handed large warm rock to roll, and keep.

The factory was quite small, but interesting and a unique experience – with sweet samples on the way round. The fudge was delicious. There was a large colourful gift shop at the end.

We traveled past Scarborough, Whitby, over the purple heather North York Moors, and past Saltburn by the Sea before hitting the A19 and home.

Thanks to a friend for a message earlier in day offering to meet up and show the boys round your local fire station 

Hornsea Information –

John Bull Rock Factory –

Have you been to Hornsea or John Bull Rock Factory?

#Hornsea #JohnBullRockFactory

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