Day 2 – morning in Hull, and afternoon at The Deep

Summer 2019: Day 2 – morning in Hull, and afternoon at The Deep

This summer I’ve posted what we’ve been up to each day of the school holidays – you can see a summary of our adventures at our 2019: 42 Days of Summer page.

Day 2 - Hull Water Fountains

Having had a holiday excitement late night, followed by a lie in until 9am, we enjoyed a Premier Inn breakfast (was chuffed it was just £13.50 for four of us – very good value).

Whilst waiting for Granny to arrive, we headed to the tourist info at the rail station for top tips. On route we passed some water fountains which became top priority, so stoped by Primark for a towel!

We also:
– walked over Scale Lane Bridge which was the first to allow foot passengers to ride it as it swings open.
– walked through the old town which was the only 10% of the city which wasn’t destroyed by bombs in the second world war.
– walked past Beverley Gate where the Governor of Hull Sir John Hotham started a Civil War by not letting King Charles I into the city in 1642.
– Walked past some big fish near Princes Quay Shopping Centre
– Saw several cream telephone boxes, a feature of the city, plus a rainbow coloured one for the recent Pride event – beautiful.

Top recommendations from the tourist info for children were the Transport museum, followed by the Maritime Museum, plus The Deep (acquarium), plus Dinostar (dinosaur themed feature).

We spent a good two hours at the water fountain in the sun. Boy 2 had a good tip for when he needed to warm up which was rolling around on the hot pavement.

A man sat next to me and we were chatted about Hull winning the City of Culture Award. I’d heard about this from a lady at work, and it was my inspiration for visiting. She told me how they had hired the man responsible for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics and there was lots of community engagement. One thing she’d been involved in was where people had dressed in blue and laid in the street to create a sea picture. I was hoping to see this in the Maritime museum but unfortunately, it’s closed this week due to refurbishment. (I’ve since learned this is actually in Feren’s Art Gallery and is called Sea of Hull). The man said he was very pleased for Hull to win, and the investment in the city. He remembered the damage from the war, and is very proud to live in the city. He then told me about his daughter who worked as a phycologist on the first series of Love Island in Figi, and on Big Brother 

When Granny arrived, we headed to Queens park for lunch, and then to The Deep …


Day 2 – afternoon at The Deep

After lunch we walked past the marina to The Deep, taking in some of the 41 fish in the Hull Fish trail, a free trail available from the Tourist Info centre.

The Deep is a big aquarium, and the boys enjoyed volunteering for tasks in the Turtle talk where we learned:
– climate change is having a big impact on turtles – the hotter the temperature, the more eggs hatch as females
– when turtles first hatch they head towards the brightest light which used to always be the sun, but now there are so many man made lights lots of turtles are dying before they ever reach the sea. Cities are trying to help by putting a red filter over lights which prevents this.
– Turtles on America’s East coast are increasingly suffering from being cold stunned from swimming in waters warmed by climate change and then suddenly flowing into colder waters and cooling down too quickly. Rescue centres have been set up to help prevent the turtles dying from this.

The boys had a go at laying turtle eggs (from a backpack), and investigating what’s inside a turtle (including increasing amounts of plastic).

The boys enjoyed the penguins, and especially the ice wall. A lady suggested they should cool their hands down and touch me which provoked quite a reaction!

All in all a lovely afternoon, and our tickets are valid for a year. Thanks Granny 

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