Day 15 – Museum of Classic Sci Fi at Allendale, and Tyne Green Country Park at Hexham

Summer 2019: Day 15 – Museum of Classic Sci Fi at Allendale, and Tyne Green Country Park at Hexham

This summer I’ve posted what we’ve been up to each day of the school holidays – you can see a summary of our adventures at our 2019: 42 Days of Summer page.

Day 15 - Museum of Classic Sci Fi at Allendale

Today we met friends from Derby at the Museum of Classic Sci Fi at Allendale. My friend’s son is a big Dr Who fan who would like to play the role when he gets older (or even better, be the first child Dr Who if he can).

The museum is small, and Boy 2 and Boy 3 lasted just 15 minutes before we headed to the local park – but it was interesting and the owner Neil Cole is charismatic and keen to talk about the exhibits – most of which are from the BBC Dr Who series.

I love doing things with friends you may never otherwise do, and Allendale is a hidden gem.

We visited the free Forge Studios/cafe opposite the museum where Boy 3 told an artist a girl in her painting looked vicious (I was impressed as it was the first time he’d used that word, but embarrassed none the less!)  

I saw a 36 mile circular walk called Isaac’s Tea Trail advertised, which could be good when the boys are older (perhaps spread over a few days). There are some pubs, a small supermarket, public toilets as well as the play park all close together.


Further details for the museum – and owner Neil Cole’s Facebook page –

As we were close to Hexham, we decided to try Tyne Green Country Park on route home. It’s just off the A69, on the River Tyne, with free parking, toilets, a cafe, a great play park, riverside walks and picnic tables (with metal plates for disposable BBQ’s). A TripAdvisor review from last October suggests it’s also a great place to find conkers. Further info –

It’s a 15 minute walk to Hexham town centre where there’s another park, and lots more to see and do. We’ll definitely be returning.

Boy 1 is staying with Mamma for a few days and has had a new haircut today.

Have you been to the museum of Classic Sci Fi? Or Hexham?

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