Day 13 – Herrington Country parkrun and horse riding party

Summer 2019:  Day 13 – Herrington Park parkrun and horse riding party 

This summer I’ve posted what we’ve been up to each day of the school holidays – you can see a summary of our adventures at our 2019: 42 Days of Summer page.

Day 13 - Horse riding party

This morning Boy 1 and I tried the new Herrington Park parkrun (near Penshaw Monument) for the first time. It was it’s third week of operation and there were approx 500 people there. One of our neighbours helped set it up. Parking is free, and it’s great there is the park and coffee shop on site.

Boy 2 had a riding party for a girl in his class. It was special to see the children really enjoying it, and catching up after the first two weeks off school. After the ride, we had a picnic lunch in Herrington park watching kites, and many of us continued into the play park.

Back at home we had a few chilled hours on tablets whilst I googled holidays (one of my favourite pastimes).

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