Simonside Ridge Walk

A few weekends back we walked the four mile Simonside Ridge Walk near Rothbury in Northumberland.

This was the first time we’d done this as a family.  Dad had been when he was younger, and was reminded of it at a recent Beavers meeting.   The only way to describe it is spectacular.  The scenery along the walk changes regularly from conifer forests, to rocky crags, to heather moorland.  The boys loved climbing the rocks, and walking across the many stepping stones on top of the ridge.

Although only four miles, the 430m climb to the top of the crag was a good test of our fitness, and had my legs wobbling.

Getting there: It’s free to park at Simonside Forestry Commission Car Park – NE65 7NW (Forests of Rothbury).  Please note there are no toilets or cafe on site.

There is a shorter 1 mile loop, or if you want to walk further you could start and finish at Rothbury (3.5 miles each way)

On route home, we traveled across three fords.  At the first one there was an AA Van assisting someone who’s engine’s must have cut out.  The boys loved travelling through the water in the car.  It was the first time we’ve been through one together.

Have you walked the Simonside Ridge Walk?  Can you recommend any other good walks?

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