A Week in Pictures

This week we’ve not had any family days out. Dad has been busy helping out at a Beavers Jamboree and overnight camp. So instead, here are some photos from this week and my thoughts…


Last Sunday Boy 2 and I tried Junior Parkrun for the first time. It was at Riverside Park at Chester Le Street, and there were over 180 children in attendance. I was proud of Boy 2 who managed to run the full 2k, despite tripping on the concrete at one point. The event was well organised, and children received awards at the start of the race for cumulative distances achieved. Afterwards Boy 2 and I had a go on scooters in the skate park (I borrowed Boy 1’s), and then a play in the water park and park. Riverside Park is a great place to spend a few hours, and has an on site cafe. There is a charge for parking – a minimum of 80p for one hour.

Later that day Boy 2 went to a party. He really enjoyed it as his girlfriend (yes!) who moved schools over a year ago had been invited too. He’d written her a letter, drawn pictures (which his brothers had helped create too) and gave them to her. We found out she’d like to own a Lamborghini when she’s older so he’s been thinking about how he can help her achieve this. They’ve decided they’d like to have a date with each other on their next birthdays (both in April next year). Watch this space!

The wrestling picture relates to the 50 man battle royal in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). When I saw it on our TV I took a picture, as I’ve not seen anything like it. Dad loves wrestling and has a monthly subscription.

Capitalising on my interest, Dad played me an incident of another match with Bill Goldberg and The Undertaker (who I remember from when I was younger).  Goldberg went for a spear on the Undertaker (shoulder tackle to the midsection), but missed, and split his head open (1cm) on the corner post.  There was blood pouring out, but he carried on – despite the ref and The Undertaker showing obvious concern.

It was clear he was not functioning properly – he couldn’t walk straight. The final straw was when he messed up a jackhammer resulting in The Undertaker landing on his neck rather than on his back.  The match should not have been allowed to go on, but it was an exhibition match for them (they’re both retired and wanted to put on the best possible show (in Saudi Arabia)).

I drew a parallel to an issue at work that’s been raised recently – what happens when you’re working with someone who is not mentally fit to be working. At what stage do you intervene?  I found it very uncomfortable to watch.

The climbing picture is Boy 1 from our recent Clip n Climb trip.

The boys on the hill was after swimming.

The next few pictures are from a local softplay, Millie’s Magical Garden. It’s a cheap and cheerful venue (Under 1 – free, £3 for 1-3 year olds, £4 for 4-10 year olds), with great value food and drinks. The boys love playing the free table football game there too.

The next couple of pictures are from a walk we took along a disused railway line, plus one showing Boy 2’s next wobbly tooth.

We then have Boy 2 and Boy 3 demonstrating how much they love the spare booster seat! Prior to that they were fighting over who got to have it by their feet!

The next picture is Boy 2 setting off for his first overnight camping trip with Beavers.

And finally, a trip to Cream Curls for a treat – a rainbow cone ice cream for Boy 2, a chocolate cake with sweets on for Boy 3, and a Tango Ice Blast for me – which I really enjoyed since I’m no longer able to get them at Cineworld (they’ve switched to Icee – a Coca Cola brand which contains sugar and left a sticky feeling on my teeth when I had one).

I hope you’ve had a good week. What have you been up to?

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