Hartlepool Parkrun

This morning, I ran the free Hartlepool Parkrun at 9am. 

The 5K run was easy to find with free parking on the road.  Once you pass the Hartlepool Historic Quay (on your left) keep travelling straight ahead until you reach the marina.

The pictures do not do this experience justice – whilst it was cloudy, it was a warm, flat wind free run, and it was good to breathe in the fresh sea air.  The scenery was interesting, with wind turbines out at sea.  The route was 2.5K each way along the coast on a wide concrete path.

What struck me is that Hartlepool would be a great place to visit.  There’s a rail station, a huge Asda, a retail park with a Vue cinema, an art gallery, a bingo hall, lots of restaurants and shops, and of course the beach.  When I reached 2.5K along the 5K run, there was a cafe with outdoor seating and a play park, and there were plenty of paths for walking and cycling.  There’s a Premier Inn and Travelodge with very reasonable rates for a family room.  Prices I’ve checked today for w/c 3 August 2019 for a week are £319.50 for Premier Inn (from £30 a night, free parking) and just £208 for Travelodge (from £25 a night, limited free parking).

Have you been to Hartlepool?  What do recommend to do there?

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