Aladdin at the Odeon IMAX

On route home from the Northumberland County Show, Boy 2 and I stopped at the MetroCentre Odeon to watch Aladdin.

The next screening was fully sold out, so rather than wait two hours for the next one, we opted for the IMAX.


We both really enjoyed the film. I loved the songs, the vibrant colours, and chemistry between the two leads. I’ve been playing the album on Amazon Music via Alexa back at home.

I’d visited an IMAX cinema as a child, and it had a screen that enveloped the ceiling. Odeon describe IMAX as follows: “IMAX takes the larger-than-life film experience you love and makes it even bigger – and even better. At IMAX the picture extends out of sight at every corner. It’s all around you. You’re at the heart of the action… you’re in the film. There is nothing so immersive. This is the ultimate way to enjoy cinema.”

This IMAX screen was slightly curved, but in all honesty looked similar to a regular cinema screen, and I could barely tell the difference. I’m glad we tried it though.

Cost wise, the IMAX was a few pounds more expensive than a regular ticket £12.25 (compared to £10.50) for adults, and £11.75 (compared to £6.75) for children under 12’s. 8/10.

Have you seen Aladdin? What did you think?

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