Parkrun near the Harry Potter Castle

This morning Boy 1 and I ran the The Pastures parkrun at Alnwick. 

The Pastures parkrun is just across the river from Alnwick Castle, where scenes from Harry Potter  were filmed.  It was almost three loops round a grassy field, and on route we saw cows and calves relaxing, a waterfall, and some real jousting on horseback.  Other runners got to see Boy 1’s bare chest, as on arrival he told me he’d forgotten to put a T-shirt on this morning!


Despite this, I was very proud as Boy 1 almost ran the whole way with no complaints.  He’s done eight parkruns and is looking forward to getting his first free T-shirt after two more runs (children get their first one at 10 runs, and adults get their first one at 50 runs, or after volunteering 25 times).

In December last year I launched a challenge at work for our employees (between us) to complete all 465 parkruns in England by the end of 2019.  Since then, I’ve enjoyed being a tourist at several of our North East ones, and we’re over 60% complete.  I’m doing this alongside another challenge – The Million Mile Walking Challenge by The Charity for Civil Servants – which commenced the first day of Mental Health Awareness Week last week (13th May).  Along with team members, I’m aiming for 10,000 steps a day over a 50 day period.  Anyone can take part for a £10 fee (which includes a pedometer).

Later in the day we headed to Seahouses to see puffins and seals at the Farne Islands.

Are you a parkrunner?  Or are you in the middle of any challenges right now?

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