1.5 Stones Award

Today I achieved my 1.5 stone award at Slimming World ūüôā


In this week’s group we discussed the movie night menu feature and food swap options.¬† Bank holiday weekend I noticed Jurassic Park 1, 2 and 3 are free on Netflix so we enjoyed family movie nights three days in a row.

Over the weeks I’ve been inspired by others in the group and learned a lot about food;

  • Our leader’s recently walked 100km along St Cuthberts Way
  • Frozen fruit makes a satisfying snack on an evening e.g. frozen grapes, melon or frozen curly wurly’s are a long lasting chocolate treat (6 syns)
  • People have shared honest accounts of their struggles including binge and secret eating, plus their day to day lives and holiday adventures.
  • A group member told us how she’d fallen off a temple whilst at a meditation retreat in Cambodia, and had to eat what people brought her – which included rat, and frog
  • With losing weight, food accounts for 80%, exercise for 20%.
  • Protein is the most filling food, then fiber.
  • One of our group found a golden bag in the Cancer Research giveaway, and is in the running to win a trip to London.¬† We’re all routing for her.

What I like most is hearing about and trying new recipe ideas.¬† Today I’ve had rainbow rice pizza (base made with rainbow rice (small veg pieces) and 2 eggs, baked in the oven for 20 minutes),¬† and Scan Bran (high fiber crispbreads from Scandinavia) from Holland and Barrett with pease pudding and ham.


What are your favorite recipes?

#OneAndAHalfStoneAward  #SlimmingWorld



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