Prudhoe and Tyne Riverside Country Park

Last weekend we visited the Tyne Riverside Country park and completed the Prudhoe Town Trail (including Prudhoe Castle), and then went for a river walk.

A few weeks ago whilst driving home from Cherryburn, I spotted a play park just after we’d traveled across a very narrow bridge, so we turned into the car park and discovered these walks, and a cafe too ūüôā

Prudhoe Town Trail (including Prudhoe Castle (National Trust))

“The town trail offers an intriguing glimpse into the history of Prudhoe from the 12th Century to the present day.¬† The trail is approximately two miles long.¬† There are some fairly steep gradients but there are seats at various locations where the views may be appreciated.¬† Refreshments can be obtained from many outlets on front street.¬† The leaflet which accompanies the trail can be obtained free of charge from the Tyne Riverside Country Park Visitor Centre”

We followed the whole route which was indeed hilly.¬† The highlight was Prudhoe Castle which even if you don’t have National Trust membership can be appreciated by walking round the outside.¬† There was lots of wild garlic.


Refreshments at Adam and Eve Pub

Just before arriving back at Tyne Riverside Country Park we were hit by the Sunday Lunch smell from the Adam and Eve pub.  We spotted the play park at the back so stopped for a drink in the beer garden before continuing our walk.  The pub is next to Prudhoe station level crossing so every half an hour or so the barriers went down, and sounds and lights played.


Walk from Tyne Riverside Country Park 

Onwards… facing the river, we turned left, and walked some narrow windy paths (some of which we had to backtrack as they dead-ended) along the river and railway.¬† We walked through forests, along a route for fishermen, through fields with lots of lambs, past a farm on a hill near a quarry and made it to Stocksfield railway station.¬† At this point, in hindsight, we should have got on a train which would only have taken four minutes to get back to Prudhoe.¬† However, as there was a half hour wait, we decided to try to beat the train.¬† The train won!¬† It took us 40 minutes via the other side of the river, and much of it was along a road.¬† There were nice views of the river on one side, and bright yellow strong smelling rapeseed plants on the other.¬† The boys enjoyed playing in the park on return.

Altogether, with Prudoe and the river walk we’d walked over 23,000 steps, and all slept very well that night.¬† For future, I’d prefer to walk further along the railway – perhaps two or three stops, and then get the train back.¬† We also look forward to exploring the path the other way down the river.

Have you visited Tyne Riverside Country Park?  Have you any good walks along railways and/or rivers you can share?

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