Middleton Woods and Ilkley Riverside Park

On route home from our Manchester trip we spent the day with Granny at Ilkley (approximately 45 minutes North West of Leeds).

First stop was Middlelton Woods famous for it’s carpet of bluebells, which were amazing. We parked free on the roadside, near a suspension bridge. There were people having a picnic by the river Wharfe – it looked a great place for paddling in the summer, and the boys enjoyed playing on a swing.

It’s possible to walk half a mile along the river to the play park at Ilkley Riverside Park but as shoes were drying from yesterday and feet were getting sore in flip flops we drove. We finished the day with a winner of an ice cream.

I look forward to visiting Ilkley again in summertime. As well as lots of walks, they have a beautiful lido (outdoor pool), famous Moor (On Ilkley moor barh ‘at), and a toy museum to explore.

Have you been to Ilkley? What do you like best?

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